12 yrold daughter of RSS activist who was murdered by Left terror Shares an Emotional Video Which Leftist Media Ignored

A 12-year-old girl, the daughter of the RSS activist who was hacked to death, allegedly by Leftist workers, has shared a Facebook video that has widely been circulated. Taking a cue from Gurmehar Kaur, the student of Lady Shri Ram College in New Delhi, Vismaya, the 12-year-old from Kerala, communicates her message through placards.

Vismaya’s father Santhosh Kumar, 52, was hacked inside his home in Kannur in January.

“My father wanted to fulfill my dreams. A night swept away all my dreams,” says the Class 8 student in placards, sharing that she wants to become a police officer to serve her village.

“His only mistake was he supported RSS and BJP. I see only darkness in my future. They murdered not just my dad but my dreams and future. I see only darkness, complete darkness. I have not yet (got the answer), why they killed my father.”

Now no media is making this a viral news as she is not against India or against Hindus, this is how leftist media works they sensationalize only those which suits their anti Hindu and anti national agenda.