25 Muslim families allegedly barred from entering a mosque after joining BJP

The families were not allowed to enter a local mosque in Shantirbazar area in South Tripura. The district administration has been informed but no official communication seems to have taken place between the  families and the authorities.

25 Muslim families have been allegedly barred from entering a mosque after joining BJP in Tripura. CPI-M in Tripura has been accused of prohibiting entry of Muslim families in a local mosque.

The District Magistrate of South Tripura, C K Jamatia, commented,

If anybody is found interfering other’s right of religion for whatever issue, the administration will take appropriate steps to secure citizens’ fundamental rights.

BJP Minority Morcha President, Md Jasimuddin, revealed that the police was informed of the matter after various families started receiving threats from CPI-M. He added that around 200 families had left CPI-M and joined BJP last month, despite strong prevention from the ruling parties. Jasimuddin further stated,

The families were initially warned for social isolation and stop government facilities. Later, they were stopped from offering MGNREGS work and other government facilities as soon as they joined BJP. Finally, a week ago CPI-M party mobilised muslim religious leaders to stop those families there.

Initially, the families ignored the fatwa issued against them by the imam when they joined BJP, which is being called a Hindu party. Babul Hussain, a local resident, revealed that a fatwa was issues against them saying that they have violated the Islamic code.

The BJP minority morcha has met with the police and has demanded full security for the families and an assurance that they will be allowed to enter the local mosque and offer prayers.

Source: topyaps