3 Kashmiri students arrested for disrespecting national anthem by not standing to it in movie theater

The Cyberabad Police of Hyderabad arrested three Kashmiri students for allegedly disrespecting the national anthem by not standing when it was being played in a cinema hall.

All three students, who are pursuing engineering from a private college located at the city outskirts, went to watch a movie at a local theatre when management complained against them to police and they were arrested.

The trio, who were identified as Omer Fiaz Luney, Mudabir Shabbir and Jameel Gul, were booked under section 2 of the Prevention of Insult to National Honour Act of 1971.

The police later granted bail to all three of them after detaining them for several hours in the police station.

It is said that a senior IG rank police officer who was present inside the theatre informed police which lead to the arrest of all the three youth.

Courtesy: India Today