8 Reasons why Being a Hindu I will never vote for Congress

There are hundred reasons that can be mentioned but here let’s try to consolidate and bring down eight points for not voting for Congress for a Hindu.

1. Scams:

Congress needs no introduction when it comes to scams. It started with the JEEP scam and it’s still on, the numbers are huge. The Coalgate Scam and the 2G scam might blow your number reading capabilities. Watch this short video to understand how scams by Congress destroyed our countries economy.

Do think about your hard earned money before you vote for Congress.

2. Saffron/Hindu Terrorism:

Congress was the one who coined the word Saffron and Hindu Terrorism. Congress framed Swami Aseemanand and RSS as the mastermind of the Samjutha Express Bomb Blast. The most controversial statement was made by then Home minister SushilKumar Shinde

Also in Malegaon Blast Sadhavi Prachi was framed and had to undergo years of toucher. Watch how then Home Minister during Congress Manmohan era openly spoke about Saffron Terrorism.

3. Digvijay Singh:

Digvijay Singh addressed a conference stating 26/11 was “RSS ki Sajisn” (26/11 was a RSS conspiracy). It is well known that the attack was carried out by Pakistani Terrorist and was planned it Pakistan, but Digvijay Singh released a book stating that RSS is the master mind for 26/11 attack.

Digvijay Singh also on several occasions have called Jammu & Kasmir as India Occupied Kashmir and many Congress spokesperson have accepted his statement as correct.

He has brought shame to our country.

4. Soft corner towards Pakistan:

Congress has always had an soft corner towards Pakistan while Pakistan continued terrorist activities in J&K and cross border inflitration. In a byte Congress Member openly attacks Modi Govt and favours Pakistan for talks. In the video Mani Shankar Iyer is asking for help from Pakistan to defeat Modi.

Congress has let the speratist in Kashmir blossom and the results are seen now.

5. Anti Hindu Policies:

Congress in search of Minority votes have not cared about the Hindu Sentiments. When the Hindu group spoke about

Watch how Youth Congress Members slaughtered a cow on the streets in Kerala.

Congress realised that the Hindu population is not exactly united as the “Minority Population” . (Hindus are divided on the grounds of caste which is a major issue in itself.) Gaining the votes of the Minority (who generally are/used to be pretty unanimous in votes) was an easy way to Majority in parliament . So INC concentrated only on issues of the minority . Moreover , they neglected the issues of the majority.

6. Congress allowed Conversion of Hindu’s:

Leading Secularism as Agenda for more than 60 years without achieving nothing. When Hindus were converted to Muslims they were

quiet  (As it was adding in their Vote-bank under the name of secularism) but when Muslims were converted to Hindu there was all Halla-Gulla (The reason was obvious). Congress was the first to oppose “Ghar wapasi”.

Shaadi-Bhagya scheme : This is a scheme by Congress led Government of Karnataka to provide financial assistance for ONLY financially backward Muslim women during marriage by giving sum of 50000 INR. Why ONLY Muslim women; Why not Hindu women who are financially backward ? Such an appeasement isn’t it ? This is a clear example of Anti-Hindu and Pro-Muslim.

7. Minority Appeasement policy:

Congress was never sure of if Hindus would votes them as there was never a groups which claimed over Hindu Votes as a Vote bank (BJP was always seen as Pro-Hindu but never confessed same in public and hence intermittently got Hindu Votes). Congress started minority appeasement in name of secularism, leading to dominance of Hindus at most of the place. Muslim having seperate Muslim Law Board enjoyed freedom as per the convince even after getting convicted.

The Congress government in Karnataka decides to organize a state celebration of birth anniversary of Tipu Sultan on November 10th which wasn’t even the day he was born. But it was the day on which Tipu had killed 800 Melukote Iyengars due to which that community do not celebrate Diwali till date (Since it happened on a Diwali day).

8. Partition of the country:

Both Jinnah and Nehru are equally responsible for that.  I believe If Nehru agreed to forgo PM position. Jinnah would have been the first PM of India and partition would have been avoided. But both of wanted to be PM.  Gandhi tried his best to convince Nehru to give up PM ambition so that partition can be avoided but failed.  Jinnah left no choice but to create a new state in the name of religion.

Hopefully these reasons come to your mind before your press for the Indian National Congress Symbol.



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