A Brilliant Open Letter from a Common Man to Ex-Vice President Hamid Ansari For His Muslim Card

On the last day of his office work as India’s vice president, Hamid Ansari gave an interview to a biased journalist Karan Thapar and said that-There is a sense of insecurity among Muslims in India. Acceptance for Secularism and mixed culture is rapidly declining.


As soon as his statement became public, nationalist Indians expressed their frustration on different social media channels and accused him of making this nonsense statement. Different political leaders also criticized him for making a politically motivated, biased and untrue statement. Here is the full open letter from a common man named as Praphulla Kumar lives in Delhi-

Before I blast the nonsense statement of Hamid Ansari, have a look at some rights that Muslims are enjoying in India without any problem:

Muslims Enjoying rights in India V/s their rights in other countries
Right to get involved in Islamic terrorism and remain unpunished  Not applicable in western countries
Right to clash with the majority Hindu population without any valid reason Allowed
Popular Explosion Allowed
Start  riots and kill innocent Non-Muslims Allowed
Chant Anti-India slogans and remain unpunished Not allowed. Prosecuted as per the law of the land
Pelt stones on security personals Not allowed
Glorification of Islamic Terrorism Not allowed
Go to Haj on Taxpayer’s money Haj subsidy not granted
Love Jihad, Triple Talaq, insulting the traditions of Non-Muslims, systematic carnage of Non-Muslims Allowed
Wear burka Banned in some western countries
Opposition to modern lifestyle and values Allowed
Human rights violation under the old-fashioned sharia law Allowed in some countries
Benefits of discriminatory reservation policy Not granted in any country except India
Offer Namaj on public places Not Allowed
Religious hooliganism Allowed


If you look at the above-mentioned chart, you will come to the conclusion that Muslims in India are living happily and enjoying equal rights like other Indian citizens.


The problem with “Muslim scholars” like  Hamid Ansari is that they are associated with the third class ideology of a particular party which uses Muslims as vote bank to gain power, ignite communal tension and make people fool in the name of social justice, secularism and being the one and only contractor of humanity.


For Hamid Ansari, India was a safe country when he was enjoying the free of cost benefits of different posts in India and abroad. Z plus security, Excellent salary package for almost no work( I consider the post of governors, president and vice president as useless for country because they don’t have any direct responsibility to perform and show results), free accommodation, meal, medical facilities, foreign tour, telephone bill, daily allowance, name and fame, etc, are some benefits he enjoyed by living in India.


India is perhaps the best country for Muslims to live in. We know very well that what’s happening in Muslim majority countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Philistine, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iran, Somalia, Syria, etc. Muslim parasites living in India have problems-

  1. To Sing the national anthem,
  2. To Chant भारत माता की जय and जय हिंद
  3. Cancellation of Article 370
  4. Building of Ram Mandir
  5. Marriage registration
  6. Implementation of uniform civil code
  7. Hoist the National flag,
  8. Growing unity of the Hindu community, etc.


Being a patriotic Indian, I do believe that there are some incidents of crimes against Muslims, but that doesn’t mean Hamid Ansari or any other Muslim or self-proclaimed secular crook has right to frighten the common people living in India and malign the image of country internationally. If those secular have any problem while living in India, they are free to migrate any country of their choice. Modi government is not going to beg them to live in India. We know the achievements of Hamid Ansari for India. He has problems to salute the Indian flag, and Saraswati Pooja. 

Source: modirunindia.com