A terror group leader dies after ‘accidentally shooting himself in head while cleaning gun’

A terror group leader is believed to have accidentally shot himself to death in the head.

Imad al-Alami, one of the founders of Hamas – a Palestinian Sunni-Islamic fundamentalist organisation – died in a hospital in Gaza three weeks after the incident.

Hundreds turned out for his funeral which was held earlier today.

Mourners can be seen carrying al-Alami’s body through the streets, with most of his head completely concealed by sheets, and only his facial features on show.

The BBC reported that al-Alami was shot in the head on January 9, with the terror group’s spokesman Fawzi Barhoum saying he had accidentally discharged his weapon while cleaning it.

Al-Alami was said to be in a coma and in ‘critical condition’ since the incident, which occurred at his home in Gaza City.

But a cloud of mystery surrounds the shooting after his death was confirmed this morning, according to the Times of Israel .

Exact details have not been released by the group, prompting some to speculate whether al-Alami had been assassinated, had taken his own life, or indeed, if it was an accident.

It’s believed al-Alami was in his 60s, and was also known as Abu Hamam, one of the founders of Hamas.

He was the group’s main leader in Tehran, Iran, for many years, before moving to Damascus in 2008.

In 2012, at the start of the Syrian Civil War, he left Damascus – and was said to be one of the last to do so – to return to Gaza.

He was then elected as deputy leader of Hamas, serving in this role until his death.

Reports in 2014 suggested al-Alami, a mechanical engineer by trade, was seriously injured after an elevator collapsed in an underground shaft where members of the group were hiding.

Other accounts claimed he was injured by gunfire.