About Us

internethindu.in is dedicated in providing quality information related to Hinduism and the rich culture and tradition of Bharat. internethindu.in is the voice of the people of India. internethindu.in strives in highlighting to the people of India, especially the Hindu society, about the plight of Hindus, the biased news about Hindus in main stream media that does not reach the common Hindus.

We focus on the essential principles, beliefs and practices of Hinduism, not a particular version or variety, as found in the ancient scriptures. Through our articles, books and other presentations we want to present the richness and diversity of Hinduism without aligning ourselves to any particular sectarian movement, guru tradition or practice. We respect all beliefs, gods, saints and gurus and all philosophies and sectarian approaches to Hinduism.

We believe that as far as religion is concerned, governments should mind their business without overstepping upon our religious freedom or individual liberties.

As a policy, we do not accept donations from anyone so that no one can raise a finger against us or dictate us policy. If you want to help us, please spread the word around, or like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Links to them are available in the right column of the website.