Actress Shruti Seth Gets Slammed When She Defends Anti Hindu Mughals Over Sangeet Som’s Comment

BJP’s Sangeet Som says,’Many were sad when Taj Mahal was removed from historical places.What history? Its creator wanted to wipe out Hindus’. but few Pseudo Secular in search of a career have an agenda to glorify Rapist, Murderer Islamic Invaders. Pseudo Secular believe that even though Islamic Invaders murdered people, rapped and killed women it still can be ignored because at least they build something.

We already have many other things in India which we can be proud of, we have our rich culture, our Forts built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, our diversity, languages and much more.

Shruti seth is married to a Muslim guy so its normal for her to defend barbaric mughals who persecuted, forced Hindus to convert.

Here is what she tweeted:

Here is how people reacted to her tweet praising mughals :