After Kamal Hassan, Prakash Raj Tweets In Support Of Kamal, Joins So Called ‘Hindu Terror’ Debate

The Hindu terror debate continued to extend further on Friday with actor Prakash Raj supporting actor Kamal Haasan on his views on “Hindu extremism.” In his column for a Tamil magazine, the Tamil actor stated that terror has now spread in even right-wing groups. He added that while earlier the Hindu groups did not indulge themselves in terror activities, they have been doing so lately.

On Friday, Prakash Raj took to Twitter and wrote, “If instilling fear in the name of religion…culture…morality is not terrorising…then what is it. Just asking.” His tweet was accompanied by a post where he said, “If abusing and manhandling young couples on the streets of my country in the name of morality is not terrorising… If taking the law into hands and lynching people on slightest doubt of cow slaughter is not terrorising…If trolling with abuse, threat…to silence even a slightest voice of dissent is not terrorising…Then what is terrorising… Just asking.”

This how people reacted to his tweet: