Amit Shah Gives Befitting Reply To Journo Nikhil Wagle When He tried To Mock The UP Victory

After winning Uttar Pradesh in Lok Sabha elections in 2014, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national President Amit Shah has once again proved that he is an unparalleled engineer of electoral strategies.

The wave that led the BJP to sweep in Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections was carefully crafted by Shah over a long period of time when he camped at the Lucknow head office of the party and traversed the state for months.

Results will also be seen as a referendum for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s notes ban last year. PM Modi was the face of the BJP’s campaign with the party choosing not to project a chief ministerial candidate and seeking votes for PM Modi’s policies and development agenda.

Amit Shah responded to tweets as well this evening, thanking people for their wishes and kind words. “People have chosen “Politics of Development” over Vote bank politics,” he said.

Nikhil Wagle, who calls himself an atheist, has been a bitter critic of Hindutva politics for decades took twitter to congratulate Amit Shah and Narendra for thumping victory in UP and Uttarakhand, but the way he congratulated seems to be more taunting than expressing happiness.

Here is what he tweeted:

Amit Shah Gave him befitting reply

And People reaction to it