Another Love Jihad murder In Coochbehar of Hindu girl, Boy Cheated Girl By Having Hindu Name …

Likha Stradhar from Coochbehar in West Bengal got into a relation with a boy who introduced himself as Bapi Sen. After 3 years, she found out that the boy was actually Bapi Hussain. Her father opposed the relationship, and the girl went missing soon after.

The father Parimal Babu logdged a police complaint for his missing daughter. Police started investigating and traced the couple to a hotel in Bhutan. But by the time they arrived at the hotel, the girl had died. Police have now arrested Bapi Hussain.

Due to silence of main stream media hardly any Hindus will get to know about these love jihad incident.

Kindly share this news and make everyone aware of Love Jihad because the girl can be your daughter, sister or wife.