Anti Modi Sanjiv Bhatt Makes A “Sexist” Tweets On Smriti Irani But Deletes It When He Gets Slammed By His Own People

Sanjiv Bhatt is an ex-IPS officer, and a poster boy of the Anti-Modi crusade that certain vested interests wage. He is the crux of the allegation that PM Modi had a role in the Godhra Riots in 2002. There are a few things that the Indian citizens must know from the recent SC ruling. The Anti Modi and the Anti BJP has relied extensively on Sanjiv Bhatt and his fraudulent claims that PM Modi (then CM-Gujarat) played a hand in the rampage that was the Godhra riots. He has been called a whistleblower, a crusader for “justice” and an “honest man”. Needless to say, a certain fan-following seems to support Sanjiv Bhatt, as he is the trump card of the anti-Modi brigade.

The entire allegation that the Godhra Riots were “state-sponsored” rests extensively on the claims of Sanjiv Bhatt, an ex-IPS officer with a rather colourful history. His support base includes a certain website ( whose contributors often state that they are getting persecuted, that the 26/11 was done by the RSS, and the website also claims that the Kashmiri Pandits were not killed in a genocide, but a random act of violence. This website is also rabidly anti-Jewish and hates the state of Israel. Many of the sites readers support Kashmiri Separatists.

Discredited cop Sanjiv Bhatt deletes his highly sexist tweet against Smriti Irani after getting bashings from his own camp.

He had post a pic of young smriti to make silly comment on petrol hike