Anti Modi Trolls Are Saying PM Modi Entered Temple By Wearing His Shoes But Here Is The Truth

Modi did not shy away from Dharmasthala Manjunath temple. In the morning, Modi landed in the car in front of the temple. At this point there was a shoe on his leg. Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in front of Dharmasthala Virendra Hegde, who was waiting for his welcome. Then modi leaves the shoes outside the temple. Modi walked to the left, accompanied by Virendra Hegde and went inside the temple. But the anti modi trolls on social networking sites started spreading misinformation about modi’s shoe that he did not leave his shoe before entering the temple. But the photo inside the Modi Dharmasthala temple is also available and Modi is looking at God in the open space.

Dharmasthala temple trustees  Lakshminarayana Rao, said. Modi left the shoes before entering the temple.We have set up a stand for slippers for thousands of tourists coming to the temple.  Laxminarayana Rao said that if anyone has doubts about this, let him come to me and ask about it.