Arnab Gives Reply To The Lies Of Rajdeep With This Special Image Of 2002 Gujarat Riots ……..

I don’t know whether to laugh or do something else at high-profile journalist Rajdeep Sardesai’s demand that Arnab Goswami of Republic TV quit journalism. Rajdeep was commenting on an old video clip of Arnab in which the latter is describing how his car was attacked with trishuls by a Hindu mob 50 mtrs from the Gujarat chief minister’s residence in Gandhinagar during the 2002 riots. The then CM was Narendra Modi. Rajdeep claimed that he was in the car at that time and that Arnab was nowhere in the picture. Calling Arnab a white liar, Rajdeep has demanded that Arnab bid adieu to journalism.

Rajdeep was in possession of crucial audiovisual tapes which showed a TV sting of three BJP M.P.s’ support being purchased for Singh’s vote of confidence in Parliament by a representative of Amar Singh.

Arnab hasn’t responded, but his Republic TV claimed that he had very much covered the 2002 Gujarat riots without specifically referring to the Gandhinagar car incident.

Prema Sridevi, Editor, News & Special Projects of Republic TV, twitted this image of arnab with rajdeep saying “The crew that covered 2002 Gujarat riots”


Every one knows that Rajdeep is a liar and now its proved