Australian Hindus Protest Against Meat Advertisement Featuring Ganesha, What Indian Hindus Are Doing ?

Hindus in Australia staged protest across 5 major cities to express their dissent regarding an advertisement that portrayed Lord Ganesha in a questionable manner by the livestock farmer lobbying organisation.

According to reports, a human chain was formed by the protesters in Sydney and 4 other cities namely Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. The demonstrations organised by India Forum Australia community, saw children wearing Ganesha masks as their parents held placards saying “stop insulting hindu gods”.

Earlier this month,  Indian High commission in Canberra lodged an official diplomatic complaint to three different Australian government agencies regarding the controversial ad. The statement read:  “In a video advertisement released by Meat and Livestock Australia recently, Lord Ganesha along with other religious figures is found to be ‘toasting lamb’, which the Indian community considers to be offensive and hurting their religious sentiments.”

The commercial sees Lord Ganesha attend a barbecue along with other religious symbols such as Buddha, Moses, Christ, Zeus, Aphrodite and enjoy a meal with lamb. The ad has caused an uproar in Australia because Lord Ganesha is largely considered to be a ‘vegetarian’.

(With inputs from ANI)