Azadi Gang Member and JNU student Shehela rashid Mocks BJP Win In UP, Gets Slammed Brutally

Elections Results of 5 states is a shocker for Not only Congress, BSP & SP but also for Ke Brigade who introduced “Sharmila Iron” The Lady kejriwal as their Face in Manipur Elections. Shockingly only a handful of 90 people voted in Sharmila Irom’s favour from Thoubal constituency while her main opponent and Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh got 18,649 votes.

Even the NOTA (None of the Above) option got 143 votes, much more than what the iconic activist who made international headlines last year got on her debut. A disheartened Sharmila was quick to announce her decision to quit politics. This Humiliating defeat of Red Bastion In North East has made Their Chamchas mad completely bcoz they knew that Now They will have the less numbers in Rajya sabha too & BJP will add atleast 18 Rajya sabha MP’S from UP only. The fact that Communist party contested elections on 107/690 seats in 5 states polls but Lost Deposits on all seats yet ranting like a Winners everywhere.

Here is the perfect example of Communists running like headless chicken after BJP Monstrous victory. Tweet from JNU gang Shehela rashid justifies the madness in red territory.

After her this tweet people on twitter taught her a lesson:


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