Baloch activist Exposes About How Barbaric Pakistan Kidnapped Kulbhushan Jadhav

Speaking to ABP news Baloch activist Mehrab Sarjov, who is also the advisor to King of Kalat in Cardiff, has now stated that Jadhav was actually kidnapped by Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI from Chabahar in Iran and not from Mashkel in Balochistan as is being claimed by Islamabad.

“Jadhav was not on the Pakistan-occupied side of Balochistan at all. He was kidnapped from the Chabahar port which is in Iranian-controlled Balochistan. His kidnapping was kept a secret from the public and media by Pakistan.”

He said that Pakistan kidnapped Jadhav to present him as a false proof that India is interfering in Balochistan. Sarjov added that India will have to “decide how to deal with Pakistan” especially because it is the latter which is trying to keep the “limited war” with India on.