Bangalore Is Not Kerala: Leftist Wanted Beef Party But Gets Thrashed By Hindu activists

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Student unions in Bengaluru organised a ‘beef fest’ on Monday to protest against the centre’s new cattle trade rules. Except, there was no edible beef at the fest, just one between the protesters and Hindu groups.

Around 25 people gathered at Town Hall in Bengaluru on Monday evening, but only half of them were supporting the protests. Members of SFI, DYFI and other left-aligned student unions were gathered for the protest, but were, perhaps predictably, joined by Hindutva outfits.

To protest against the planned protest, members of VHP and other outfits also gathered outside Town Hall at the same time.

And within just a few minutes, a fight broke out between the two groups.

An SFI activist was speaking to media persons, when a VHP member slapped him as the camera was rolling.

As the fight intensified, the Bengaluru police detained at least 20 people, from both sides.

Only a few people turned up, and even they were detained by the police soon after.

The police intervened after a scuffle broke out between the two sides.


“They (SFI and DYFI) planned this to hurt Hindu sentiments and nothing more,” said Sharadha Diamond, a Hindu activist.

DYFI and SFI activists who were detained began shouting “we want justice” as the police van moved away.

The Left students group had announced “Mooment Bengluru” – the beef fest – at the Puttannachetty Townhall earlier in the day. They announced that protesters could bring their own beef, and that there would also be a few beef stalls at the protest venue.


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  • May 29, 2017 at 11:42 pm

    Its high time that those who deliberately incite communal discord are thrashed and punished. This time they were the Communists exposed of their intentions.

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