Barkati says “Those who chant Jai Sri Ram outside Mosques are hijras”

The controversial Shahi Imam of Tipu Sultan mosque, Noor-ur Rahman Barkati, who threatened to ostracise and beat up Muslims if they joined RSS and BJP, has been sacked for allegedly making anti-national statements and “misusing” his position.

Barkati had also sparked outrage by this statement: “Those who chant Jai Sri Ram outside Mosques are hijras. It is the work of hijras. I do not know how long Muslims will keep quiet.”
Prince Ghulam Ahmed Wakf Estate trustee Arif Ahmed told reporters, “We have removed him as the imam of the mosque for his anti-national statements. We never expect an imam, who is a religious person, to cross his line and misuse his post.”

With media spotlight on him, Barkati has been raising curiosity among the public as to why his statements matter and just why he is often seen with TMC leaders in tow.