Barkha Dutt Gets Royally Trolled When She Tweets Saying Hindus To Compromise On Ram Mandir Issue

Most probably Barkha started like a young and idealistic journalist. But the fact that she was married twice to a Kashmiri Muslim, must have influenced her mind. The power that came with NDTV, as it grew into the most sophisticated TV news channel, and her proximity to the Congress party, also went to her head.

From a young journo, Barkha turned into a Hindu basher – you just have to listen to the Radia tapes to understand that. Also, woe to those who disagree with her in her interviews and programs, as she rudely interrupts them when she feels like it. There are also accusations of corruption against her and her boss Prannoy Roy.

Now on ram mandir issue she tweets ‘Wouldn’t the real tribute to Lord Rama be a modern hospital in Gorakhpur over a statue in Ayodhya @myogiadityanath‘ but you can not see such tweets on other religious places as according to pseudo liberals that is communal think to do.

Here Is What She Tweeted:

Here is how people trolled her: