Bhatkal Of KA Is Kairana Of UP ? State govt is trying to drive away Hindus from Bhatkal Alleges MP Shobha Karandlaje

Member of Parliament Shobha Karandlaje alleged that Siddaramaiah led government is trying to drive away Hindus from Bhatkal.

She was speaking in a news conference held at Asakeri Venkataramana auditorium on Tuesday September 19 after visiting the house of Ramachandra Naika who had committed suicide by self-immolation while town municipal council was seizing their shops.

“People were living peacefully here after unrests in 1993. Siddaramaih’s government is using officials here to instigate communal tussles. Communal fights were created at Gangavathi, Koppala and Hindus were arrested in large numbers. Section 144 was enforced at Kalladka recently for two months. There was no communal tension there for the last thirty years. A small personal incident was converted as communal unrest with abetment by U T Khader and Ramanath Rai,” she alleged.

“The coast is a sensitive area. As elections are approaching, Siddaramaiah is asking officials to go after Hindus and indulging in vote bank politics by troubling Hindus. Don’t Hindus have right to live and conduct business in your government? Do not make Bhatkal another Kalladka,” she added.

“Bhatkal municipal council has hit the livelihood of shopkeepers by vacating their shops. Ramachandra Naika died because of the policy of municipal council. It is shameful that he was left to die when he tried to commit suicide in front of officers and the police. It is not a suicide but a murder of a Hindu. People have naturally protested and hurled stones. But Congress government is registering false cases such as theft, assault etc on BJP activists and harassing party leaders and activists,” she said.

“Police enter the room of the deity wearing shoes at night. Who has given you permission to enter houses without arrest warrants? This policy of Congress is not fair. BJP will not bear it. This is only a warning. Eleven arrested activists should be released immediately. The consequence will not be straight even if one activist is touched after this. I will myself come and sit on protest,” Shobha warned.

“Police should not act beyond limits. Governments come and go. Our government will come in another six months. Hindus and Muslims are living in peace in Bhatkal. Government is trying to spoil it. The family of deceased Ramachandra Naika should be awarded a compensation of Rs 10 lacs. I am bound to protect Hindus. I will not remain quiet if our boys are touched. I have come here to fill courage in Hindus,” she said.

Sunil Hegde, Dinakar Shetty, G D Naika, Rajesh Naika and others were present.


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  • September 21, 2017 at 4:08 pm

    Shame on Congress, for stooping so low, for votes, inciting communal divide

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