Bhima Koregaon violence One Dead And He Was Wearing jacket with ‘Shivaji picture’

Rahul Babaji Phatangade was an innocent man who owned an automobile garage for his earnings. Every year on January 1st, due to new year celebrations and because of the crowd that gathers to celebrate the Koregaon victory of 1818, the shop gets closed. His garage was in Chandan Nagar of Pune city, about 20 km away from his home.

But on 2nd January, just before the violence broke out, Rahul Babaji finished his work and was walking back home in Sanaswadi village. He never expected that his life will see an unfortunate end due to criminal politicians. Babaji came across a petrol bunk where he saw a violent mob who were destroying vehicles and scaring people. Babaji, without giving much attention to the crowd walked beside them, but the jacket he wore caught the attention of the mob who immediately pounced on him.

Yes, the jacket he wore had the picture of none other than Shivaji Maharaj. The mob immediately identified him as a Maratha and attacked him before he could even realise. He was beaten with rods, sticks and was grievously injured before the villagers could even help, he was dead on spot. This was the main incident which triggered violence in the area and spread to other areas within no time.

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The locals of  Sanaswadi town were shocked to see the incidents and said Rahul was not involved in any clash or fight but the mob attacked him just because he was wearing a Shivaji jacket. Local villager Dnyaneshwar Metgule said that the mob saw Shivaji Maharaj picture on his jacket and immediately started beating him on the streets after which he died on the spot.

Rahul Babaji was the sole bread earner of the family and he lived with his mother. The villagers are now shocked to see the violence in the name of caste and are demanding stringent action against those who incited violence. Some villagers also said that every year thousands of people gathered near Bhima Koregaon for celebrations, but there were no violence till now, but provocative speeches of few politicians created clash between communities.

A local resident said “Many outsiders were brought into the town 2 days before the violence in mini vans and trucks, we do not know where did they come from, but surely they were well prepared for an attack and had sticks in their hand, these people were standing in every corner of the town and that’s how Rahul Babaji got attacked.”

The village is now in shock and people fear to go outside after Babaji was brutally murdered. “Rahul was a very simple person, a good human being who never had a quarrel with anybody. It is sad that his life ended in such a manner. He was a big support to his mother. After his death, relatives have taken her mother to their native village for rituals,” said Rahul’s neighbour in Sainath Nagar.

The residents gathered today morning in large numbers demanding police to arrest those culprits responsible for Raul’s death. Inspector General of Police Vishwas Nangare Patil and district superintendent of police Suvez Haque appealed to residents for peace promising action against the attackers.

From this story, it is very clear that the Maharashtra violence was nothing but a planned attack to disrupt peace among Hindus. Definitely, these people who attacked an innocent man doesn’t seem to be Dalits but more so looks like Jihadi gang which had earlier supported JNU Azadi event in Delhi chanting Bharat Ki Thokde and Bhrat Ki Barbadi slogans  and supporters of Umar Khalid.

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