Big Expose: Did UPA Govt Released Pakistani Citizens To Frame Hindus In Samjhota Express Case ? Times Now Report

Usually, arrested Pakistani citizens are left languishing in Indian prisons for years without charge. Hence, it comes as a major surprise that two Pakistanis who were staying in India illegally were discharged within 14 days after being arrested in connection with one of the bloodiest terror attacks on Indian soil.

The startling disclosure has been made by the first investigating officer assigned to probe the Samjhauta Blasts of 2007 that killed 68 innocents.

TIMES NOW has accessed the investigation officer’s deposition to a court submitted just 11 days ago. In his deposition, Gurdeep Singh admits that he was asked by seniors to discharge the suspects who had been described as shrewd and deceiving.

Initially, the UPA government had said that the blasts were the work of the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and the attack was later pinned on Hindus after floating the saffron terror theory.

TIMES NOW has also accessed the remand applications in which it is clearly mentioned that the initial investigators from the Haryana ATS had reasons to be suspicious of the detained suspects.

Courtesy : Times Now