BJP Leader Says ‘Will take out your eyes if you keep on staring at BJP-RSS men’ To CPI-M cadres Of Kerala

BJP General Secretary Saroj Pandey said on Sunday warned CPI-M cadres that if they continue to stare towards BJP-RSS cadres in Kerala, then their eyes will taken out in their own houses.

“If we have started this march, it is because if in coming days, they keep on staring at us, then we will barge into their homes and will take out their eyes,” Pandey told reporters here in response to the killings of BJP-RSS workers in Kerala and West Bengal.

“Not only in India but all over the world, we have over 11 crore members and in Kerala, over 300 of our workers of different age groups have been killed. Everyone has his right to put his point,” she said.

“But if there will be murder of democracy… it is not a big deal for us… We are ruling the country and if we want, we can sack the government but we have faith on democracy and the governments in Kerala or West Bengal should work accordingly. They should not work with any political bias,” she said.

The BJP is holding Jan Raksha Yatra in the several parts of the country including Kerala to protest against the killings of its workers in the states ruled by the Left or where it has a strong presence. Pandey will join such a yatra in Delhi on Monday.

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