Brainwashed Punjabi Girl Converted By Islamic Extremists Made To Fight For ISIS In SYRIA

Punjabi girl named Sandeep Samra age 18 from Conventry, UK converted to Islam after being groomed by Muslim men in the country was all set to fight for ISIS in Syria before being arrested. The woman was presented in Birmingham Crown court where she was presented in a case that has stunned the Punjabi community in the UK. The girl, a nurse worked for the NHS and has allegations of carrying out violence in support of the radical Islamic terrorist groups.

Sandeep pleaded guilty to one count for in relation to preparation for terrorist acts. She admitted to the court that she had planned to travel to Syria in June last year. Social media investigations on the women revealed that she was ‘going for death’ and to die for the Islamic State.

The woman told investigators that she was only going to serve as nurse for the ISIS fighters but further investigation through whatsapp and other messaging apps paings a different story.

School attended by Sandeep Samra Lyng Hall School, in Coventry, UK

The prosecutor at the Crown Court stated:

‘Miss Samra attended Lyng Hall School in Coventry from the age of 11. ‘Her family in fact are Sikhs but at some time Miss Samra converted to Islam. ‘In July 2015, when she was 16 years old, it is apparent from WhatsApp messages found on her telephone that she had become a supporter of Islamic State.’

At the age of just 15 years, the girl’s passport was handed to the police by her own father due to suspcion of her being radicalized after teachers noticed extremist ideology of the girl. The girl was referred to the anti-extremism team and investigated.

However in June 2017, she attempted to remake her passport but was arrested by the police who searched her phone and found evidence of her making plans to go to Syria.

Islamic radicalization an execution videos were found on her phone which gave the police enough evidence to arrest the woman on charges of planning a terrorist attack.

Birmingham Crown Court

The Metro reported other messaged on her phone:

‘I’m not going there for safety, I am going there for death’ and ‘May Allah give me death in the cause.’ She also discussed marriage with multiple extremists, a judge was told. Final footage of woman ‘confronting stalker’ moments before he killed her Prosecutor Sarah Whitehouse QC added: ‘Two telephones were taken from Miss Samra, one in October 2015, the other was seized in July 2017. ‘We can see the people with whom Miss Samra was communicating – we appear to have six respondents (in 2015) and also six in 2017.’ In messages exchanged on July 25, 2015, Samra told one of her recipients: ‘I don’t want to find another (job), that is the problem, I don’t want to work in a shop, I want to work here. ‘I want to go soon, I swear. ‘I want to go, Inshallah [God willing] if it’s still possible – at least our nurses can help soldiers and stuff, I really want to go.’

The public prosecutor told the court:

Ms Whitehouse said: ‘On August 2, the first video file was created on the phone – it appears to be women shooting firearms. ‘The next section is two different conversations going on with the same time period. Tessa Jowell opens up about living with brain cancer ‘She began by saying, ‘You will go Syria with me?’ Samra messaged an unidentified person using an Arabic translator last year, writing: ‘I need a passport. If infidels know you support they take your passport. Britain is very strict. ‘We should meet to marry in Oman to go to Syria together, God willing.’ The person responding said: ‘We will marry in Oman and go so that you be my wife – you will be my wife in this world and the hereafter.’ Ms Whitehouse added: ‘Another person discussing marriage with Miss Samra says “God willing, I want you to be my husband in this world and the hereafter”.’ Naked woman brings bus to a stop by lying under it Messaging a person under the name ‘Lion’, she discussed a conversation about getting to Syria. She said: ‘Basically I said I can’t get a British passport because they’re made good. ‘He started asking even why I wanted to go – he said it ain’t good for sisters. ‘I told him my plan, join in with the brothers etc. ‘He is basically saying stay here, it’s more beneficial.’