Brilliant Open Letter To Tamil Actor Joseph Vijay

Dear CINEMA ACTOR Joseph Vijay,

Thanks for the wonderful movie, especially for waving high the Tamil spirit and in trying to bring about the much needed attitude change towards our “Veshti”.

All the more the brutality of medical negligence, and the commercial nature of hospitals were stripped open.

But your statements on gst, digital india seemed to appear a ploy to gain political mileage by riding the hate wave than to present facts. So to answer you,

1. Digital India: We aren’t ready yet for sure. But we can dream and hope of such a transformation. Given that 4G is almost free and has penetrated rural depths of india, the possibility and practicality of digital india only increases exponentially. You claim the wallets to be empty but income tax collection has increased by 30% in the concluded year that had the worst gdp. Bike and car sales are historic highs, sales of mobile equipment and housing loans are now the highest in a decade.

2. Gst on Alcohol:

When you complained alcohol is not under GST, i burst into laughter, literally. Present tax on alcohol is from 56 to 75%. Gst will cap it at 28% and will crash alcohol prices by 50%, is that what you want

that was stupidity beyond stratosphere.

3. Singapore 7% GST:

Also to note is 96% of Singaporeans pay tax whereas 2% in india pay. Expecting 7* facilities without the intent of paying tax is bigotry ??

Would also like to remind you, sept 30 2015, you were raided by income tax and 2 cr cash and 2cr gold was confiscated from you. IT alleged you for 25cr evasion over five years and you paid it with interest and penalty back to settle the case.

May be you were saving to build a Peoples Welfare Hospital ?

Nobody has a magic wand to change things overnight, Yes there was bad implementation, but it is the same in every change. A switch from android to apple is not easy to cope with. But be rest assured traders who filed sales, service, octroi, vat, exercise, will be more than happy soon they realize they now have to deal with just ONE TAX that too with reclaim of input credits.

– A Common Man
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One thought on “Brilliant Open Letter To Tamil Actor Joseph Vijay

  • October 25, 2017 at 4:19 pm

    Mr. Common man… Whatever you mentioned are the factual errors in the movie. Agreed. For digital India where is the infrastructure? More than 40% of villages not even know the electricity. Car sale high and mobile phones sales high. When u r hungry will you eat car and mobile. Drink 4G. Don’t try to be smart. Show in your act, plan well before as a leader. Useless party and senseless followers.

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