Check Out How Missionary Schools In Kerala Spewing Venom Against Hindus In Young Minds

What do Hindus teach their Nursery kids?

We teach them to love everyone, be kind to everyone and to respect people from all walks of life. Basically, most Hindu parents teach their kids to be secular but a big chunk of Hindu parents end up turning their kids ‘sickular’ in the process.

Now, let us see what the Church and Christian Missionaries have in store for Hindus.

A convent nursery school in Kerala is teaching Nursery kids through stories that praying Hindu temples is futile while praying to Jesus at a Church is highly rewarding. Don’t believe academicians employed by the convent school or missionaries can’t be such bigots?

Well, here’s a one story taught to nursery kids at a convent nursery school in Kerala:

So, basically, the school is teaching nursery kids that Hindu temples are worthless. Its only at a Church where prayers are answered.

We wonder how many fiver star education activists will fight to put an end to this bigotry?

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