Comedian Kunal Kamra Trolls Gautam Gambhir For Supporting National Anthem, People Brutally Slammed Kunal

Expressing his views on the gruelling national anthem debate, Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir questioned how tough it is to stand for 52 seconds while the natioanl anthem is being played in cinema halls. The veteran left-hander, however, was poked by comedian Kunal Kamra on the matter before fans decided to take matter in their own hands on Twitter.

On Monday, the Supreme court directed the Centre to decide on the playing of the anthem in public places, including cinema halls but Gambhir found no problem on why should not be continued.

The apex court had asked the Centre to consider modifying the national flag code that regulates the playing of the national anthem in cinema halls across the country.

The bench said that the government should consider the plea uninfluenced by the court’s past order that made the playing of national anthem mandatory in movie theatres.

To which  Gautam Gambhir  tweeted slamming SC decision :

“Sir I can point out many innings where it was tough for you to stand for 52 seconds…”, Kunal Kamra tweeted in reply to the Southpaw.

Seeing Gambhir being targeted, fans decided to take matter in their own hands.