Conditions in which Kashmiri Hindus Are Living In Their Own Country Will Shock You

Earlier, Kashmir had been a Hindu state once. The nomenclature of Srinagar is enough to tell us the truth of the statement.

However, now not only Kashmir has a Muslim majority but the situation of the Hindus in the entire Valley is pathetic. All of us know the way Hindus were driven off from the state a couple of decades back.

But what is the condition of the Hindus who were forcefully driven off from their homes? Perhaps the ones who had a fortune could settle elsewhere in the country, but what about those who didn’t have a fortune to themselves? You would be shocked to know that nearly 4,000 Kashmiri pundit families have been living in a make-shift camps in Jammu city.

Here’s a video for you to know the condition they have been living in:

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