Confirmed: No Breakfast Or Lunch For Hindu Students In Aligarh Muslim University During Ramzan, Why Media Is Silent ?

The holy month of Ramzan is here for the Muslims. However, amid all the allegation of beef-eaters on the BJP to curb the Muslim community’s ‘right to eat beef’ by banning cow slaughter across the country, comes another controversy whereby the Hindu students of the famous Aligarh Muslim University in Uttar Pradesh have been barred from eating on campus during the entire period of Ramzan.

As if this was not enough, the Hindu students are not even being supplied with refreshments during the day. In short, they are forced to fast. Interestingly enough, our so-called media houses – who are always in search for the truth – are happily ignoring this situation. Reason? Atrocities against the Hindus are not sensational enough.

We wonder what the liberals, intellectuals and the media houses would do if we Hindus force the Muslims to fast on Navratri and other such occasions of Hindus! 

Watch The Video Here:

ABP Live

Viral Sach: Are Hindu students of Aligarh Muslim University forced to fast during ramazan?

If They do then we Hindus have to show secularism and adjust but if we Hindus do then its attack on minority rights that’s leftist Media, Liberals Logic and secularism followed in India. 

India Media, Liberals And Politicians Follow Anti Hindu Secularism