Congress MP Shashi Tharoor Praised PM Modi And His Government On Doklam Issue …………

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor on Monday lauded Narendra Modi government for the way it dealt with the recent Doklam issue. “Now that Chinese withdrawal seems to be confirmed, it looks like a victory for @Indiandiplomacy. Congratulations MEA & @PMOIndia!(sic)” Tharoor wrote on Twitter. Tharoor’s tweet appeared as a change in his views expressed earlier through an article published earlier. In the article, Tharoor had written that he finds the idea of Chinese troops pulling back to safeguard economic interests in India as ‘risible’. Tharoor’s article had put forth a number of questions for the government. Earlier in the day, Ministry of External Affairs had said that New Delhi had agreed with Beijing to an “expeditious disengagement” of troops at Doklam where soldiers from the two countries have been in a standoff for more than two months.

“In recent weeks, India and China have maintained diplomatic communication in respect of the incident at Doklam,” Ministry of External Affairs was quoted as saying by Reuters in a statement. “On this basis, expeditious disengagement of border personnel at the faceoff site at Doklam has been agreed to and is ongoing,” MEA told media. The ministry further clarified its view later in the day and said that diplomatic channels should be the medium to resolve differences.

On the other hand, China has issued a rather confabulated view to its state media in this regard. Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told Chinese media that troops would continue to patrol the Doklam region. “China will continue to exercise sovereignty rights to protect territorial sovereignty in accordance with the rules of the historical boundary,” Hua was quoted as saying by Reuters. “China hopes India respects the historical boundary and works with China to protect peace along the border on the basis of mutual respect of each other’s sovereignty,” she added. The Doklam standoff between India and Chinese troops started in June.