Cretral Govt To Abolition Haj subsidy, And Money Will Be Spent On Education Of Minority

Haj subsidy is set to be scr­a­p­p­ed from 2018 with the Centre de­ciding to go ahead with the re­commendation for its immediate abolition by a special committee set up in January this year.

The decision has come in the face of strong opposition from the Haj Committee of India that wants the subsidy phased out gradually by 2022, as directed by the Supreme Court in 2012.

A review meeting on a new Haj policy was held on Thursday between senior officials of the ministries of minority affairs, external affairs and civil aviation, Air India and the Haj Committee of India. Officials privy to the meeting confirmed to Express that the subsidy would be scrapped next year.

Before 2012, the amount of fu­n­ds set aside for Haj subsidy was cited to the Supreme Court as av­eraging around Rs 650 crore per year. Since then, subsidies have gr­adually declined. Last year, the amount was pegged at Rs 450 crore.

A source, who did not wish to be named, said the government had agreed to certain suggesti­o­ns by the stakeholders but made it clear that the subsidy would have to go in 2018 itself. Minority Affairs Ministry officials said Haj subsidy funds would from now on be used for educational empowerment and the welfare of minorities in the country.

Hindus have traditio­nally attacked the subsidy on gr­o­unds that it is contrary to the pr­inciple of secularism and ser­v­es to appease the community. They have also sought to tu­rn it into justification to dema­n­d subsidy for Hindu pil­­gr­images.

Sources said scrapping of the subsidy would mainly hit pilgr­ims from small cities and states that do not have many people going for Haj, such as Assam and Jharkhand.

“Air fares will shoot up for pilgrims travelling from small cities which do not have regular flights to Saudi Arabia. But for pilgrims travelling from major cities won’t be affected much. That is why the special co­mmittee had recommended sc­r­a­pping of embarkation points in small cities,” said a Minority Affairs Ministry official, who did not wish to be named.

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