DNA News Paper Calls Anupam Kher As ‘Senior Congress leader’, Here Is How Anupam Kher Reacted

Anupam Kher is not only one of the finest actor, Bollywood has ever produced but he is also a fiercely honest celebrity who is never shy from voicing his opinions. From leading marches to, protesting against social evils, Anupam Kher has done it all and with equal zest.

Recently, DNA published a piece of news regarding the national anthem row and the article also contained Anupam Kher’s quotes. However, the leading English daily made a big mistake as they wrote “Senior Congress leader” in his description.

Anupam Kher wasn’t very thrilled about his new designation. In fact, he took to Twitter asking DNA to redo the mistake. he took to Twitter and shared the pic of the article with caption, “Dear @dna newspaper!!! There is a big mistake under my quote and under my name. Ye kuch zyada Ho gaya. Pls isko theek ker dena.”