Dr.Subramanian Swamy interview on Hinduism with CTS TV Canada

Dr Swamy talks about Hinduism. He says that in Hindu Dharma the creator of caste system was not based on the birth. In last few decades caste system became the basis of birth. But now it is melting. Now people are going away from the birth based caste system. The only place where people still feel strong about Caste system are marriage and elections. Now in the rural areas there are teaches who are from backward castes. Now slowly in Hindu system caste system is becoming irrelevant.

In Sanatan Dharma caste system was never created. There is no mention of caste system in Vedas. It was “Shurti or “code” where caste systems are defined and that was also not defined on the basis of birth. These ‘Shurti” defined caste system for managing the work in better manner. Caste was on the basis of work not birth.