FAKE EVM SCAM Exposed : PROOF of EVM Machine Cannot Be Hacked

The issue of EVM tampering has been raised by Arvind Kejriwal. It does nothing but proves him a sore loser. And the reason is given below: The EC said, “The commission has put in place elaborate technical and administrative safeguards to ensure error-free functioning of EVMs in elections.

The commission is thus fully satisfied with the tamper proof functioning of the EVMs.” “Although, the commission has offered opportunities more than once to those alleging the tampering of EVM, no one has been able to demonstrate to the commission that the EVM used in the country’s election process, can be manipulated or tampered with,” said the EC. So, in short Mayawati said, EVM have been tempered with, but when EC asked how she didn’t knew anything. The Indian machines are not networked.

Each one has to be physically carried to a central counting center. This takes more time, of course, but reduces the opportunities for mischief. Someone who wants to throw the election would have to fiddle with thousands of machines, one at a time. This means that if Modi wanted to temper with EVM he would have to go to each EVM and then hack it physically and there are thousands of EVM used, that means you would require thousands of highly skilled hackers with a lot of sophisticated equipment and you would have to go to each EVM and not get caught by all the police, commandos, EC officers and members of different political parties guarding it.

Now This Video shows the whole Procedure which is followed and Why EVM can not be tempered.