Farooq Abdullah Says PoK Belongs To Pakistan And Accused India of “betraying the Kashmiris”

Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) belongs to Pakistan, says former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and National Conference (JKNC) leader Farooq Abdullah.

“This won’t change. Let them fight how many ever wars they want to; this won’t change”.

He goes on to say that independence was not an option for a landlocked Kashmir surrounded by three nuclear powers: India, Pakistan and China.

 “There is nothing like freedom here. We are landlocked. On one side we have China, Pakistan on the other side, and India on the third side. All three of them have atom bombs. We have nothing except Allah’s name. Those who are talking about Azaadi are talking wrong”.

Abdullah goes on to accuse India of “betraying the Kashmiris.”

“India didn’t treat us well. India betrayed us. They didn’t recognise the love with which we had gone to them. That is the reason behind the current situation in Kashmir. They usurped our rights,” he said.

He reminded the Centre of the Instrument of Accession signed by Maharaja Hari Singh with the Government of India.

“You don’t remember the Instrument of Accession and claim the other side of Kashmir administered by Pakistan. If that side is ours then you should talk about the accession too. Why do you forget the conditions on which we have acceded? ” he said.

The senior Abdullah also refused to react to the Hurriyat’s demand for a plebiscite in the state. “Farooq Abdullah is not part of Hurriyat. I can’t talk about Hurriyat,” he said.