Foot In A mouth Situation For Congress On Twitter When Congress Wanted To Promote Nehru’s ‘legacy’

Their effort to invoke nostalgia landed on its face when they asked a Twitter poll about former PM Nehru’s Bhutan excursions. A Twitter poll asked with the hashtag #KnowYourLegacy asked: “In the absence of motorable roads in Bhutan in 1958, PM Nehru rode on an animal to visit the country. What animal was it? [sic]”

The options were:

1) Horse

2) Yak

3) Elephant

4) Donkey

Now, anyone with even the most rudimentary knowledge of history will know that Nehru rode a yak in Bhutan where there were no roads, but netizens felt this was too good a chance not to mock the party.

When the poll was run, over 67% picked the donkey, and Congress deleted the original poll and started it again, but there was one problem, the donkey option was still there.

Here is the tweet: