Foreign Tourist Making Jokes On Hindu Deities, Hindu Culture and Traditions, Says Its Weird

By far the most common means of conversion is by buying the poor. In one tribal village, Missionaries promised the head of each household pair of nylon pants if he converted  to Christianity and a motorbike if he converted his whole family. In a matter of a few months, the Missionaries had “spread the gospel” along with pants and motorbikes to the entire village to  convert rich and middle-class non-Christians, Missionaries, who are well-funded by Western churches, buy their way in by giving money, computers to universities, and scholarships to children of influential officials. In other cases instead of feeding the starving, Missionaries give away a walkman with a tape of the Bible in their own language to brainwash them instead.

When conversions by force not being possible, the methods that are applied are inducements and fraud. Inducements are called “social service” or “charitable”activities. In most cases, the social service benefits were provided only to those who agreed to convert. A loan given to a tribal is cancelled if he, along with his family, becomes a Christian. This inducement has been documented in Madhya Pradesh, though the practices that have been narrated are  the ones that are a common practice all over India, and indeed  in the rest of the world.

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