Fraud Christian Missionary In Varanasi Criticizing Hindu Rituals And Says “Rishikesh belongs to Jesus”

This Malayali christian missionary is in Rishikesh and saying this

Here is the translation –“The antariksha mandala is filled with false pujas and prayers. To purify the atmosphere by the miraculous name of the lord and to kill the anti-evangelism snake with the sword of the lord(Loooool), let us pray together. Let the soil of Rishikesh be purified by the Lord’s fire. To grow our faith here and to make people repent and accept Christ as the only savior and lord, let us kneel and pray. It hurts my heart to see what is happening here. I share this message from that pain. Rishikesh belongs to Jesus it is filled with duracharas and false beliefs to spread the word of god like a forest fire, let us pray!!”

Translation credit Gopalanmash Mash

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Rishikesh , Uttrakhand.. Christian Missionary or Pastor abusing Hindus …please translate add through comments … I think it is Telugu or Kannada > Dont forget to add…

He is abusing Hindus by saying their are so many superstitious rituals in santan dharma then what are these called in Christianity ?

SUPERSTITION 1. During a Christian service a wafer is turned into the body of ‘God’/Jesus and this Archbishop believes he is eating the body of Jesus!! To the objective observer that is ‘cannibalism’ – a Christian ritual based on Pagan beliefs.

SUPERSTITON 2. Wine is turned into the ‘blood of God/Jesus’ – and this Christian thinks he is drinking the blood of Jesus/God during the service!!

SUPERSTITION 3. Pouring water over your head in Baptism removes ‘original sin’ (Information from the other-side informs us that is absolute nonsense!)

SUPERSTITION 4. The ‘Devil’ – the Prince of Darkness – figures prominently in Christian beliefs. Christians copied it from Paganism and the Christian Devil became known as ‘Pan the mountain Goat-God’, with horns, hoofs and tail. Information directly from the afterlife dimension tells is that belief is superstitious nonsense.

SUPERSTITION 5. This Archbishop believes the traditional Christian theology that all who die will remain dead underground until Archangel Gabriel blows his trumpet – perhaps Louis Armstrong’s jazz riffs – so that Jesus will come to ‘judge the living and the dead’ – the greatest superstition in Christianity! This is when we have objective, repeatable empirical evidence that those who cross over continue to live in a much better place and directly communicate with us to enlighten what is happening in the afterlife.

SUPERSITITION 6: You confess your ‘sins’ (taken from a Roman pre-Christian era ritual) to a priest and ALL your ‘sins are forever forgiven’. Information from the other side tells us that’s absolute nonsense because no one can modify the Law of Cause and Effect.

SUPERSTITION 7. Receiving the ‘last rites’ will guarantee you a place in heaven because a priest will utter some magic words to that effect – and especially if you leave property to the Church.

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