Frustrated Congress Minister Roshan Baig Says ‘Son Of A Prost**te’ To PM Modi In a Public Rally

This time a frustrated Congress Minister has used his boneless tongue to abuse PM Modi in a public rally. In an attempt to win the claps and whistles from the crowd, this cabinet Minister of Karnataka government said that PM Modi is being called as a ‘son of a b**ch’ after his demonetisation move.

He said, “People were saying that Narendra Modi was one of the best Prime Minister of India until Demonetisation happened. After demonetisation, people are now calling him soolemaga (son of a prostitute). This is not echoed by Congress party; but the ones who elected Modi to power.It could be students, Marwadis and others.”JP.

This abusive minister also said that Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi have sacrificed their lives. But sadly Rajiv Gandhi’s son (Rahul Gandhi) is being scolded.

This again shows that he is not ready to come out of his slave mentality of supporting the dynasty politics. If Rahul Gandhi want to earn a position in India, then he should work for the people instead of roaming in foreign nations with film stars. Another thing is that the contribution of Rajiv Gandhi was Bofor and Bhopal Gas tragedy. So why should the people praise Rahul Gandhi? Are scams and tragedies a matter of pride for the Congress men?

He got slammed by BJP leaders :


One thought on “Frustrated Congress Minister Roshan Baig Says ‘Son Of A Prost**te’ To PM Modi In a Public Rally

  • October 13, 2017 at 10:49 pm

    Very sad state of affairs. Really unfortunate that our elected members stoop so low and use such language. As an Indian with freedom of speech as right one can criticise what we don’t like but to abuse and that too drag innocent mother of PM is highly condemnible. Mr Ramesh Baig should be shunned

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