GorakhpurTragedy :Barkha Dutt Praises Media’s Hero Dr.Kafeel Khan, People Exposed Him On Her Face

Dr.Kafeel Khan who is being portrayed as a hero and saviour, might not be all that big a hero after all. In 2009 he was arrested for impersonating another student in the National board exam He was suspended by Manipal university for that criminal case against him and the High court had upheld the verdict. He has a hospital  in Gorakhpur named “Medispring hospital”
This Pervert is a Hero for Indian media which always talks about women rights but now they are glorifying the wrong man, shame on Indian media, feminists  and liberals
He is the head of the encephalitis ward and according to the media he drove around looking for oxygen cylinders because it was a dire emergency. So his patients are dying and he is driving around looking for oxygen cylinders? Why would he not let junior doctors or nurses look for oxygen cylinders while he tended to the critical kids.. UNLESS those oxygen cylinders came from his private hospital and he did not want other staff to know about it.

Btw, He wants to throw CM Yogi out and wants Akhilesh Yadav back as the CM. So this entire saga of “Oxygen supply stopped” seems to be a well planned drama to help overthrow BJP government in UP.


Blind media report was enough for journalist like burkha dutt who is known for anti modi and pro islamist views to praise a Hero made by Indian media “Dr.Kafeel Khan”.
Here is what she tweeted bout him.

Unlike barkha dutt people knows who is Dr.Kafeel Khan and slammed her for making him a HERO: