Guy Abuses PM Modi, CM Yogi And Challenging them To Come And Stop Him From Slaughtering

One more video of a guy abusing PM Modi and CM Yogi is going viral, In this video he is with two buffalo and he is saying will slaughter this one buffalo and will see if Modi and Yogi can stop me from doing that.

He also says during akilesh yadav we use to slaughter day and night, had plenty of beef but now when Modi and Yogi came we are facing many difficulties.

Watch The Video Here:

हेमन्त कुमार

मोदी व योगी को गाली देने वाले.. सेकूलरो के एक और दामाद का पता लगा है.. बताया जा रहा है यह मुजफ्फरनगर जिले के पुरकाजी कस्बे का रहने वाला है..सभी मित्र जमकर शेयर करे। जिससे इसकी पहचान होकर इसका पिस्लाम…

He also called PM Modi as “Chakka”