Hafiz Saeed’s son Provokes violence in Kashmir valley, Says “Indian Army Officials Salute Mujaheddins Courage “

Talha Saeed is the son of terrorist Hafiz Saeed’s the co-founder of Lashkar-e-Taiba and chief of Jamaat-ud-Dawah , which operates from Pakistan and has been sanctioned as a terrorist organisation by the United Nations. After Hafiz Saeed’s detention, Talha has emerged as his father’s global publicist. He is part of a list of global terrorist prepared by the United States in 2012


Anti-India rant:

In his recent rant against India, Talha said: India army officials salute the courage of Pakistan terrorists and don’t hold the courage to face us.

Pakistan wants us to take the Kashmir issue to international platforms.

People of Azad Kashmir are happy as they can breathe fresh air; they, however, miss the colour and brilliance of Sopore and Srinagar.

We challenge all international bodies to take up Kashmir issue. The Kashmir movement is not a terror movement

Our enemy India has harmed us on Kashmir. They have snatched our Kashmir from us and have challenged us and warned of war on the issue. India claimed in Bangladesh that it has crushed us. I want to say that our fight, our movement is unstoppable.

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Hafiz Saeed’s son provokes violence in Kashmir valley. Talha Saeed vows to revive the fight for Kashmir