Haji Mastan’s foster son threatens superstar Rajinikanth

Tamil actor and superstar Rajnikanth has been sent a letter from Sunder Shekhar, foster son of gangster Haji Mastan, warning him not to distort facts about Mastan’s life in an upcoming movie.

Shekhar​, Chairman of the Bharatiya Minorities Surakasha Mahasangh,​ has threatened the actor, in a video that has gone viral, of consequences if Mastan is portrayed wrongly.

Rajnikanth will be playing Mastan in a movie based on his life and times. The movie is tentatively titled ‘Godfather’.

“​T​he movie must be real account of Haji’s story and not a fabricated one. If there is any objectionable element in the movie, members of my party and I will not spare Rajnikant,” said Shekhar in the video.

“You are depicting my godfather and a well known national political leader as a smuggler and underworld don, which are highly unacceptable, and I strongly oppose such misrepresentation of my godfather,” Shekhar has stated in a letter to Rajnikanth.

In the past, the film ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai’ was based on Haji Mastan’s life.

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Haji Mastan’s foster son threatens superstar Rajinikanth