Haram Alert: Now Muslims Should Not Eat Prawns because it’s HARAM says Hyderabad Seminary

City-based Islamic seminary, Jamia Nizamia, has stirred up a controversy by issuing a decree (fatwa) that consumption of prawn is not permissible for Muslims. The fatwa was issued on January 1 by Mufti Mohammad Azeemuddin, the chief mufti of the 142-year-old Islamic deemed university.

According to the fatwa, prawn is an arthropod (to which insects also belong) and it does not fall under the category of fish. The chief mufti labelled prawn under the category ‘makruh tahrim’ (strictly abominable) and advised Muslims against eating it. In Islamic jurisprudence there are three categories of food — lawful (halal), haram (prohibited) and makruh (abominable).

Foods falling under makruh are sub-divided into makruh (abominable but can be eaten) and makruh tahrim (strictly abominable and thus should be avoided). Jamia Nizamia is a distinguished Islamic educational institution revered in several countries

Courtesy- TOI