Here Is How Pakistanis Are Reacting To The Horrible Murder Of Hindu Boy For Falling In Love With Muslim Girl

On Thursday, a 23-year-old Hindu man was stabbed to death allegedly by the family of his girlfriend in New Delhi over an inter-faith affair. Shehzadi his girlfriend, told India Today that the boy was killed by her family members and that she was scared for her own life. This is a shocking case of honour killing, which happened right in the capital.

On Thursday night, Ankit had an argument with family members of the girl following which he was found stabbed with a slit neck. Eye-witnesses reportedly thrashed the maternal uncle on the spot. The accused family members of the girl have been nabbed.

Ankit was a photographer by profession while his girlfriend is a college student. Police have arrested the woman’s father, mother and uncle. This gruesome incident has shocked people of the capital.

Pakistan’s Express tribune reported it without any bias like Indian media which was hiding the identity of culprits in headline

Checkout some of the shameful and disgusting comments of some Muslims in the comment section :

But there are some sensible Muslims as well who condemned this horrible act: