Here Is What Adnan Sami Has To Say About SC’s decision of Canceling National Anthem In Cinema Hall ….

The petition to change this order has also been filed! While hearing this, the apex court also made some rigorous comments and have indicated a change in its earlier order! The top court has acknowledged that it is not necessary for cinemas to appear patriotic at the time of national anthem! This idea of ​​the Supreme Court is more intelligent and discreet than its earlier decision! Actually, cinemas are entertainment venues! Here people do not come to communicate on any serious topic!

AIMM president Asaduddin Owaisi has welcomed the Supreme Court’s remarks on the national anthem on the same verdict of the Supreme Court! Owaisi said that standing in the national anthem can not be the temptation of anyone’s patriotism!

He said, “What is the need to show someone patriotism in the cinema hall? I welcomed what the Supreme Court said and the Justice D.V. Chandrachud’s remark is correct! Standing patriotic can not be held during the national anthem! On certain occasions such as August 15 or 26th January, the national anthem can be standing!

Now a new name has been added in this episode, which has expressed its views on this decision of the Supreme Court! Yes, Bollywood’s famous singer Adnan Sami commented on the social media website Twitter, “It is a national anthem, and all should be standing” Adnan time also did a second tweet and wrote “It should be called a national anthem rather than a different topic, But when and where ever! Stand up should respect it”