Here is what Sickular and Libtard Priyanka Chopra Has To Say About Azaan, Full On Praise

In an old video clip that emerged recently, Priyanka was addressing a press conference in Bhopal where a reporter asked her what she liked about the city.

The famous actress replied that she waits for the time of Azaan on her hotel room’s terrace daily before sunset.

“After pack-up when I sit on the terrace in the evening, I can hear Azaan from at least six mosques,” she said.

Priyanka said that the way Azaans resonate in sync before sunset is quite peaceful and captivating.

“I never miss the chance to listen to it daily as there is a certain beauty in it,” she said.

“I really like those five minutes,” she said, adding that it’s her favourite time.

This is Bollywood, they will do anything to appease a particular community but when it comes to Hindu religious issues they are the first to oppose except few.

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