Himachal Pradesh Congress Posts Derogatory Image Of PM Modi, Deletes It After Outrage

On a day that BJP won 17 out of 34 seats in the Shimla Municipal elections, the Himachal Pradesh Congress for posting a morphed picture of PM Modi on Twitter. The social media handle later took down the tweet without any explanation.

Delhi BJP spokesman Tajinder Singh Bagga said that the it reflected the party’s mindset. He wrote on Twitter: “How low will Congress go? This type of language from the official account showed their mindset.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today described BJP’s victory in the Shimla Municipal Corporation election as a reflection of people’s faith in development politics.

“BJP’s victory in the Shimla Municipal Corporation is historic & yet again reflects people’s faith in development politics…thank the people of Shimla for their support & congratulate karyakartas (workers) & leaders for their hard work,” he said in a series of tweets.