Hina Marries Adnan, Converts Her Then Fights, Gang Raped and Murdered, Another Case Of Love Jihad

As per daily bhaskar , Hina Talreja married Adnan Khan in the year 2015. Since the duos families were against their union, they had married in secrecy via court registration. Hina’s mother was completely unaware of her daughter’s marriage and believed she was in Delhi for her job.

Hina Talreja was in-fact a resident of Allahabad since the time of her marriage. However, Hina had taken to calling her marriage off earlier this year, although an official divorce wasn’t filed.

Hina had then begun working at a local hookah bar. According to reports, Hina often indulged in late night parties and drinking after she took up the job.

She allegedly also befriended several unknown men and partied until the wee hours of dawn. Police officials are now on the look-out for these men.

After the revelation of Hina’s secret marriage, police also began searching for her husband Adnan Khan. However, he has been reported missing from the time of her murder.

Adnan has now become the prime suspect in the murder of Hina Talreja and the officials intend to solve the case soon.

Hina Talreja had taken to working in the Hookah bar on the 4th of July, but soon left her workplace in order to meet her ‘friends’.

She was raped on the same day and later shot on her head. The culprits had also taken to inserting a knife on her bullet wound in order to distort her face and delay identification. Her body was found on the highway of Kaushambi on the 5th of July.

young woman suspected to be pregnant was found on the 5th of July whom officials later identified as Hina Talreja. The identification was revealed when officials received an anonymous call from a man who shared her facebook account details.

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Hina’s father had passed away a few years ago and she’s survived by her mother. According to reports, her mother was under the impression that Hina worked in Delhi. She was unaware that Hina worked in a hookah bar in Allahabad.

Now police arrested adnan khan and his friends in her murder case

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Source: hindi.news18, Daily Bhaskar